Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at Breakspeare school is provided by OT’s from Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.

Children referred for OT in the school usually have a physical disability in addition to their learning difficulty and their treatment is geared towards helping them to develop their functional skills and access the curriculum.

Following an assessment their intervention may include

  • Postural management including provision of special equipment e.g. seating.
  • Daily living skills – e.g. dressing, feeding.
  • Splinting (upper limb).
  • Hand function.
  • Advice on sensory processing difficulties.

OT’s work with the children in the classroom and in the context of their school day. The OT’s work closely with their therapy colleagues and with education staff and targets are set in conjunction with them and where possible are consistent with the childrens IEP’s.

OT issues for home are dealt with by the OT’s from Children’s Services however the school OT’s recognise the importance of working with parents and are available for appointments in school or by phone. They also liaise with the OT’s from Children’s Services  and sometimes do joint assessments.