Speech and Language

The Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust Speech and Language Therapy Service deliver therapy for children attending Breakspeare School to develop their functional Speech, Language, Communication and Feeding Skills.

At Breakspeare School, the Speech and Language Therapist will work closely and collaboratively with the teachers, school staff, other professionals and carers to develop each child’s functional communication skills by making sure that the Speech, Language and Communication targets and advice are part of the child’s daily routine and linked to their learning curriculum. The aim is to develop ‘functional’ real-life skills in the context of each child’s everyday activities and the school curriculum.

The Speech and Language Therapist will assess each child on entry to school, if Speech and Language Therapy is identified in Section 3 of their Statement or if there are concerns about their speech, language, communication or feeding skills.  Therapy is provided depending on individual needs.

Speech and Language Therapists actively encourage involvement of parents/carers/ families. Appointments with the Speech and Language Therapists working at Breakspeare School can be arranged via school to discuss individual children and how their targets can be supported at home.