The aim for the Upper School department is for all students to become independent learners, to be able to communicate basic wants or needs, make choices or access local amenities independently and to develop lifelong interests / hobbies. The development of skills such as communication, interaction, thinking and exploring will underpin all learning.

We aim for all students to leave Breakspeare as confident individuals and responsible citizens; enabling them to be valued members of their local community.

Key stage 4 students (age 14-16, year groups 10 & 11) continue to follow the National Curriculum, but with more emphasis on using previously acquired skills in practical situations.

Key stage 5 students (age 16-19, year groups 12-14) increase the amount of time spent out of the classroom developing their life skills. The curriculum aims to challenge and stimulate the students and promote in them the skills and values that will enable them to lead fulfilling lives as adults. It takes into account and promotes the school as an agent for social change.


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