At Breakspeare School students are learning in 8 teaching groups.




  • 10 class teachers
  • Specialist teachers for PE and Music 
  • 2 cover teachers
  • 2 HLTAs
  • In each class team we have 3-6 teaching assistants
  • Make the difference capacity for VI, Intensive Interaction and Phonics/ Reading

Amongst the staff we have special competences


  • 2 Hertfordshire Steps Behaviour Support trainers
  • ELKLAN trainer
  • 2 Moving and Handling trainer
  • 2 Rebound therapist
  • Swimming teacher
  • Sign-A-Long trainer
  • Level 5 Coach
  • 2 DSPs
  • 1 Off Site Visits Co-ordinator
  • 1 WRAP trainer


One of our teachers is studying for a Masters qualification in Autism at Birmingham University.

All our staff benefit from our high quality induction and professional development opportunities. Staff regularly participates in training and refresher courses in safeguarding, autism, SEARCH, PECS, ELKLAN, autism, behaviour support and management, sensory needs, visual impairment, epilepsy, gastrostomy feed, moving and handling, medical needs, curriculum and target setting.

Our leadership team is combine od  the head teacher, the deputy head and 3 Head of Departments.

NHS staff


  • 1 full time nurse
  • Speech and language therapist 3 days
  • Communication Assistant 1 day
  • Physiotherapist 3 days
  • Occupational therapist 2 days
  • Physiotherapy assistant 3 days


The school employs  a music therapist  one day a week.