Breakspeare School has an active ‘Parent Staff Association’ (PSA) that works hard to raise funds to aid student learning and  to improve school facilities. The PSA can also contribute towards school trips.

In the past PSA has successfully raised funds for the sports hall and the swimming pool. They have also funded sensory improvements to the swimming pool and provided funding for our  new  swing areas.

Parents and carers of new children find it an excellent opportunity to become involved with the school and to meet other parents.

Each year PSA organises several fund raising events such as a cake and raffle stall at Abbots Langley carnival, Easter Egg Hunt or Secret Santa. There is a Quiz night and many other events.

All parents and staff are members of Breakspeare PSA.  PSA organises regular ‘Coffee Mornings’ every first Friday of the month at 10 -12 am. These gatherings are very popular amongst our parents to discuss not only about fund raising for the school but also about   supporting to each other. There are often visiting guest speakers at the ‘Coffee Mornings’ to share information about the support available for families with a SEN child.

Each term PSA has a formal committee meeting.

Breakspeare School is a Registered Charity. Charity Number 292432. Please get involved to support the school to gain funds for new improvements. The PSA is currently fund raising for to improve ‘Multi-Sensory Areas’ of the school.


Chair of PSA Mrs Maggie Cameron

Vice Chair of PSA Mrs Anjum Tabassum

PSA Treasurers Ms Merja Paakkonen, Mrs Caroline Day-Lewis, Mrs Eliza Barlow

PSA Secretary Ms Holly Farrell


The PSA are always looking for new ideas to raise money and welcome ideas from parents and staff.